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Ajax-Controls.NET component is designed to provide developers with an easy-to-use tool to AJAX enable standard ASP.NET controls and 3rd party controls, which allow you to update page content without postback and loss of scroll position.

The short response time combined with the smooth interface transitions result in superior user's experience and a level of interactivity which can only be found in desktop applications.

It hides the complex structure of AJAX behind a simple object model that allows creation of complex AJAX Enabled ASP.NET application with few lines of codes and eliminates the need for writing complex JavaScript.

It is written in 100% managed C# and doesn't require any third-party DLLs.

You can also purchase 100% Source code for complete control and flexibility in your application development process.

Distribution of Ajax-Controls.NET component is Royalty Free.

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Pricing :  
Professional - $89  
Professional - $249 (with 100 % source code)  
Requirements :  
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista.  
Microsoft .NET Framework - v1.0 or later  
Summary of Features :  
ASP.NET Standard controls & 3rd Party controls : Ajax-Controls.NET can AJAX enable standard ASP.NET controls and 3rd party controls.  
Design-time Support : Due to the fact that Ajax-Controls.NET can update standard ASP.NET controls without using callback wrappers, development of AJAX enabled ASP.NET application is exactly similar to any standard ASP.NET application, which makes design and deployment a breeze for you and your team.  
Ajax-Controls.NET is 100% integrated with Visual Studio .NET IDE.  
Improved User Experience : Ajax-Controls.NET handles page update with AJAX-based callback requests, instead of complete postbacks. As a result there is no loss of scroll position, with only the relevant elements being updated just like in Windows applications. This leads to smoother interface transitions and superior user experience.  
Loading indicator : When user make a server intensive request, Ajax-Controls.NET can display a combination of text and images on the client's browser while the user waits for the response.  
Disable Controls During Callback : Ajax-Controls.NET can automatically disable selected controls during callback.  
Support for Caching : When Ajax-Control's caching is enabled the first user request is processed at the Server-side and the result send to the client is cached on the client-side. If second time the same request is made required data is fetched immediately from the client's cache without going to the server.  
Client API : Ajax-Control's support client side function to handle the result and error for the callback response from the server. Using these client API you can override the default rendering and add client side processing of response.  
Custom Rendering : Ajax-Control's supports custom rendering on the server-side and client-side.  
Auto Callback : Ajax-Control's can perform auto callback to server with the specified time interval.  
SaveState : You can save the state of all the form controls during callback request by setting the CallbackPanel's SaveState property to true. If this property is set to false the intial setting of the control is used.  
No Need to Write Complex JavaScript : Ajax-Controls.NET eliminates the need for writing the complex JavaScript required for updating interface elements of AJAX-enabled ASP.NET applications.  
Support for .NET Framework 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 : Supports all versions of the .NET Framework, including v2.0.  
Cross-Browser Support : IE5+, NS6.0+, Firefox 1.0+, Mozilla 1.0+, Opera 8+.  
XHTML Compliance : XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant  
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